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Change In Sports From Amateurs To Professionals Sport Essay

Change In Sports From Amateurs To Professionals Sport Essay Amateur sports are sports where participants are entirely engaged without any form of remuneration. This kind of sport was seriously guarded in the 19th century by the rich people though in the 20th century it was faced-out as a result of continued growth in professional sport. Currently amateur sports are held by a few organizations that govern sports. Professional sports developed in the 19th century, this was spear headed by the US and the United Kingdom. By then sporting culture was strong in the institutions of learning for example colleges and universities[1]. As a result, middle class and upper class men who were students at these institutions played as amateurs. People who were working were limited in participating in the games due to there busy schedule though ones in a while they could be given an afternoon-off in order for them to take part in the sport that was then available. When professional teams started to emerge some clubs could willingly pay players in order for them to take some time off there profession and take part in sports. This served as an incentive to increase the number of attendances and also it made players to fully concentrate on their sport. This provided a good opportunity for the people who were against amateur sport to flourish and expand. The influence of money and its effect on sport brought the change in sports from amateurs to professional since it was in the main interest of professional to give the highest possible amount per unit of performance (Gallagher et al 1997, 71). The upper class and middle class men who dominated this sport had a theoretical preference as well as a self interest in preventing the sport from being professionalized[2]. As a result this threatened the participation of the working class in the sport who did not understand why they should not be paid for taking part in the sport. This led to competing interests between the two involved parties since we had a group that wanted sports to be open for all while the amateurs feared that professionalism would destroy the Corinth spirit. The conflict between the two parties lasted for about a century during which sports like golf took it relatively easy and tolerated the competition between the two while others were traumatized by the happenings and they therefore helped the preceding generations to come in terms with professionalism (Wilson 1994, 379). The Olympics of the 19th century In the early 19th century and 20th century Olympics restricted participation to only amateur players since the amateur code had been strictly enforced. For instance track and field medals were stripped off from Jim Thorpe for taking expense money from baseball that he played in the year 1912. Afterwards Olympians from western countries who were successful began to accept endorsement contracts from organizations and people who were willing to sponsor them. Complex rules were also put in place to ensure that funds received were channeled to trust funds rather than being given to the athletes. At the same time nations that belonged to Communist bloc joined the Olympians team that mainly comprised soldiers and students who were being paid by the government to train full time. The retirement of the International Olympic committee (IOC) president in the year 1972 led to the relaxation of the amateur rules in many areas. In the US the Amateur Sports Act of 1978 prohibited national governing bodies from imposing strict rules on standards of amateur than required by the International governing bodies dealing with respective sports. In the year 1990 there was an abandonment of the Olympic regulations which regarded amateur with an exception in sports like boxing were participation rules required amateur status for participants safety (Dunning 1999, 118). Professional sports are sports where athletes receive payment for there participation and performance. This kind of sport has been promoted by several developments i.e. mass media and increased leisure by people which has lead to large audiences thus commanding large incomes. As a result people involved in sports have made it there primary career hence devoting there time on training in order to sharpen there skills, experience and physical condition. The proficiency led popularization of sports[3]. Benefits of a successful team to the city and sponsors. Successful team popularizes the city in which they are located in other words we can say it sells the city to the world. And as a result investors are attracted to that place making the place to rapidly develop. For example Rochester city in the United States is the 3rd most popular city and it has become a centre for a large metropolitan area. Sponsors drive the goals of a team which include promotion of safety and services to communities dominated by there employees. As a result the morale of sponsors employees is boosted due to direct connection to positive changes occurring in the community at large. Sponsors are able to enjoy visibility through the daily services offered by the teams they sponsor[4]. Some of the benefits of team sponsor partnership include; players wearing sponsors logo on there t-shirts and this reveals sponsors commitment to the community. There is also promotion of corporate commitment to the community and when the team is being recognized the links of the sponsor company will be included and as a result the company is popularized. Influence of politics on sports decisions. There is also increased corporate recognition since there will be opportunities for the media to highlight the corporate community investment. These increase the sponsors company visibility by the politicians and the community leaders at large. Net work opportunities with the corporate world, community and public officials are provided. Sometime the team may visit the sponsors office in need of training and this in turn gives his employees an opportunity to plan and facilitate sessions meant for building the corporate members. Media plays a very important role in government development since people get access to the politics and other forms of entertainment. For a very long time the media still remains the leading source of political communication. All functions performed by the media are influenced by political insinuations. For example entertainment, news reporting, socializing new generations, airing of political forum as well as profit making. Its influence is very rampant during political campaigns since coverage of a single event may turn out to be most significant in putting an opponent down. And since people have there own formed ideas when viewing television and other media sources there is selective attention which is created and as a result viewers tend to pay much attention to information that agree with there own opinions. And since the media is very effective on politicians who do not have a stable political opinion on all issues its very easy for the decisions of sports to be influenced by the happenings in politics. In politics and sports power, prestige and profits motivate the people involved[5]. The media reports the preceding in both politics and sports for political purposes. Sports are regulated by political establishment in order to ensure equal opportunities, justice, legal authority and personal attention. As a result the relationship existing between sports and politics reflects the changing pattern of values and cultural practices. In the Olympics the formal rules that governed the competitors were formulated by politicians who were very eager to offer an entertainment that would be popular (Allison 1986, 63). Economic and cultural aspect of sports Sport has been used and its still being used to raise income, this can be referred to as sport commoditization. Commercialization of sport is not considered as cultural but rather out of the necessity due to economic circumstances. In the colonial time sports were unstructured, spontaneous activities which were coordinated and organized by the participants. This is not the case at the moment since sports are being well organized in order to attract many people from all spheres of the world with different financial status in order to raise a lot of money. At the moment professional sport has grown rapidly and it has become a booming business. Athletes, support personnel and sport team owners have benefited handsomely from sport fans who pay to watch there games and also purchase commodities endorsed by them (Staudohar et al 1991, 264). Influence of Italian government on sports. The kind of sport being played in a place is determined by the peoples practice or rather culture. The culture of the people influences the kind of sport they engage in. for example the ancient Olympic Games were religious festivals that commenced with procession along the sacred highway. Therefore culture has a great part in the development of a sport. The Italian government influenced the transition process by sponsoring players to train in order to gain the needed skills and this helped the sport to move from amateur to professional. Govern sponsorship, and partnership with organizing bodies facilitated the growth of sports from amateur to professional sports. Work Cited. Paul D. Staudohar, J. A. Mangan. The Business of Professional Sports. USA: University of Illinois Press, 1991. Rosemarie Gallagher, Sally Fountain Linda Gee. Physical Education through Diagrams. USA: Oxford University Press, 1997. Eric Dunning. Sport Matters: Sociological Studies of Sport, Violence, and Civilization. 11 New Fetter Lane, London: Taylor Francis, 1999. Lincoln Allison. The Politics of Sport.Manchester, UK: Manchester University Press ND, 1986. John Wilson. Playing by the Rules. Michigan, USA: Wayne State University Press, 1994. [1] The students in the various institutions had developed a culture of taking part in sport within there colleges. [2] The rich and men who were relatively or averagely rich dominated the original amateur sport. [3] The effectiveness and excellence of the players was as a result of there commitment for training and there full attention during the sport. [4] The visibility of the sponsors came about as a result of the playing and participation of the teams they supported in community development. [5] The parties involved in politics and sports are players and politicians who had the same ambitions and also shared same benefits.

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Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder Essay -- essays research papers

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), is the most common psychiatric disorder among children today. It’s symptoms are not necessarily obvious and start at various times. Some children give indication of having the disorder before they are born, others are not diagnosed with having it until their preteen years. ADHD overlaps with several other conditions, further confusing physicians and mental health professionals who attempt to provide a diagnosis. Hyperactive children, who are often misdiagnosed as "emotionally disturbed," create a lot of chaos in the home and at school. The number, severity, and types of symptoms differ from one child to the next, each of whom show a different pattern of behavior and personality. There are, however, certain similarities among ADHD children. ADHD was described as early as 1845 by the German physician Henrich Hoffman in his classic Der Struwelpeter (Slovenly Peter), a collection of humorous moral tales for children. The heroes were taken from his observations of children. In 1902, Dr. G. F. Still, described the behavior of a group of hyperactive children. He knew of no medical reasons for their behavior and made no mention of their educational needs or social skills. He said that part of the problem with ADHD children was "deficient training in the home." In 1923, researcher, F. G. Ebaugh, was one of the first to publish a professional paper recognizing ADHD as a long-term problem requiring cooperation and intervention by several professional disciplines. Over the past four decades, dozens of labels have been used for a collection of traits that has come to be known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Children who have some of these traits show them most of the time; the types, number, and level vary within each child from moment to moment and from situation to situation. Research studies point to a 5 to 10% number of children who have the syndrome. Some experts believe the true number is closer to 20% of the general population. In a recent study of over 9000 children in the Midwest, the number of children who have been medically diagnosed as hyperactive was about 3%. The number of undiagnosed children, based on data from teachers and parents, was estimated at about... ...D children also have sleeping problems, coordination problems, are self-centered, impatient, reckless, and have extreme emotional problems. Some indications that a child will be ADHD are, apparent hyperactivity in the womb, poor maternal health, mother under 20 years of age, first pregnancy, high blood pressure during pregnancy, maternal alcohol abuse, heavy maternal smoking, and drug abuse. Research now indicates that hyperactive children continue to have multiple problems as adolescents, though the hyperactivity has decreased. Problems with aggression, poor self-concept, impaired peer relationships, and poor school performance become prominent. The ADHD adolescent is often sad and depressed. Children whose obseverable symptoms continue into adolescents have higher rates of delinquency and conduct disorders and lower IQ’s and academic achievement scores than those whose symptoms stop at early adolescence. There are many helpful and sucessful programs for children and adolescents who have this disorder. With the right help and medication, many ADHD children can grow up to lead a normal life.

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BrownGirl Brownstones

The prose fiction Brown girl, brownstones by Paula Marshall, is a bloodcurdling with autobiographical elements, tracking the life and experiences of the main protagonist, Salina Boyce and the family and friends in her life. Marshall uses various elements and techniques in the prose, to bring about different themes, characteristics and aspects in her novel. The text is set mainly in the sass's Brooklyn, New York, at a community of brownstone houses occupied by the Baja immigrants.Though there are various perspectives of other personae in the prose, Marshall uses a third person reiterative to show the first person perspective of Salina. The story begins with Salina at ten years old and continues until she is no longer a minor. It shows the theme of identity as Salina is trying to find who she is amongst members in her family. â€Å"But they have taken no photographs†¦ † Was one of the first time Saline's loneliness can be seen in the text. She is Jealous of the fact her par ents took photographs of the family before the death of her infant brother, yet took no keepsakes of hers.Then it goes on to where Marshall is a very descriptive narrator, using a cinematic effect in her story ailing. The scenes shift continuously to suggest simultaneous action which produces a dramatic effect that helps to build conflict and suspense. She also uses devices and diction to bring about various themes and symbolic elements in her text. She uses the technique of epigraph to start each chapter, it is a type of foreshadowing, hinting of what will happen throughout the chapter. It also helps to characterize individuals in the story.Contrast is also a reoccurring technique in the text, as characters such as Sills and Tighten, Nina and Salina, have contradictory personalities. There is also introduction in the symbols and diction in the text. Words such as ‘winter' and ‘Sun', ‘darkness' and ‘light', are contradictory symbols referring to the character istics of individuals such as Saline's parents in the text. The writer involves the use of the Baja dialect as well as English, as if trying to incorporate the reader in the culture of Barbados and also add credibility and realism to the story.It suggests pride in the Baja culture. The author uses various figurative devices in the text. There is a heavy focus on the use of personification and architectural imagery. Symbolism is evident n the prose; using colors such as red to represent romance and sexual relationships; and white, and brownstones to represent upward mobility, status and unattainable goals. Land in the text is also symbolic of independence and opportunity. The use of conflict, such as; mother-daughter, husband-wife, black-white, is brought out by the symbols and conflicting elements in the prose.It shows the destruction in relationships, and accentuates climatic moments, such as when Tighten, used the money Sills stole from him, or when Silent told the whole Baja asso ciation, she'd tricked them. Marshall uses devices such as; imagery, epigraph, motif, reasoning, pathetic fallacy and biblical allusion, to show racism, identity, women in society, family, deceit, and various other themes in the prose fiction. The denouement, begins with Silent recognizing who she is and making final decisions for herself.After all her trials and lost relationships, she finally covers her identity, accepting who she has become, the trials she is yet to face and the people in her past who has made her who she is today. Especially her mother, whom she had always fought against. Rational The life of Tighten Boyce, was the subject chosen for the poem between many view Tighten as a problem in the text Brown girl, brownstones, giving him no sympathy. The poem was intended to convey sympathy for Tighten.His life in the poem is specifically intriguing as though he causes many shifts in characteristics of others in the text, his own life is not emphasized. The poem will hope fully give an explanation of the circumstances surrounding the issues of Tighten death, and his life. Mocking Jay I saw a song bird fight a bird of prey, Beautiful-ugly, he was, filled with sorrow, was she. Night and day, He sang a tune of love and wonder, She sang back of vices and plunder, I tried to save that mocking Jay, But the night stole him away.Where are you my mocking Jay? Trapped in the tomb of brown stones? Your young are calling, where are you? Won't you fight the snow away? Don't you hear the light's moans? Has she trapped him too? No longer perched on your window sills They've clipped your wings You've destroyed their prison The flock screams their Baja banter Fly away home my mocking Jay Swim home my song bird But, mocking Jay's never dive†¦ I'll send a new light your way†¦ For you to see through winter's clock†¦ To save your flock†¦ To blind your eyes†¦And save you from the dark†¦ Shattered tunes of my broken song bird Remember your pra yers Eulogy. The sad broken memory. The life you ran away. Dead like marrow staining the asphalt. Staining corals a sea away. Songs long dead, I'll sing them to you. I'll pray your tarnished soul away. Tighten, my mocking Jay. Analysis The poem â€Å"mocking Jay†, is a kind of stanza elegy, in tribute to a character in the prose text â€Å"Brown girl, Brownstones†. The poet uses the mimicking bird, mocking Jay, to represent the character Tighten in the prose text.Not only do mocking Jays have a gift in music, which was one of the professional genres Tighten attempted, but hey repeat everything sung to them in a mocking manner. Tighten, like these birds, reflects a mocking version of the negatives surround him; from using the money his wife stole from him, to purchase frivolous gifts to spite her; to changing his course of study every time he is confronted with racism or barriers. Tighten also has the dream like (surreal), and fun loving attributes common to these birds .The poem comprises of four sestets, a couplet a single line and a septet. The stanza formation, is quite symbolic. The first stanza is the first of the four sestets. At the end of each sentence in this sestets is a comma. This represents the fact that this relatively pleasant chapter in his life is not yet complete, it won't end in a ‘happy ever after'. It is as if to say that the beginning of their relationship was an unfinished dream. The second sestets ends in a question within, as if questioning the relationship, not understanding the change in the relationship and in Sills.The third sestets ends without punctuation is representative to all the times Tighten and the audience were waiting to see Sill's response to sightings behavior. The final sestets concludes with â€Å"structured-chaotic† punctuation, of when Sill's revenge unfolds it was chaotic n the circumstances of deportation, but structured in that it was her plan all along. Combining with the lack of punct uation, the couplet of stanza five signifies his never ending pain. It symbolizes that, as the lack of punctuation prevents the sentence from truly being complete, his pain and suffering will not end even in the afterlife.The single line consists of one word â€Å"Eulogy†, this refers to the speech given at a funeral or a recollection of the past doings of an individual after he is dead. This word being the shortest stanza, represents the lack of quality and memorabilia Tighten has left behind with his children. The final stanza a sestets can be tied to the biblical representation of the day God rested. The number seven represents the change that occurs after an accomplished cycle. Tighten, accomplices all he could so the last stanza represents his death the final rest he accomplished after his life cycle.The poem has a steady rhythms. Though not all stanzas have a structured rhyme scheme, the poem still flows as if it does. It is like the steady yet unusual flow of life, Jus t as the poem is a depiction of Digestion's life as was represented in the rose fiction. The first stanza contains a set of rhyming couplets, repeating the first rhyme in the last stanza (an â€Å"a, a b, b a, a† format). The last rhyme however is a forced rhyme, this is there to show that leaving the omnipresence was not something the Jay wanted, but was what was forced on him.The second stanza consists of alternate rhymes that emphasize the questioning in this stanza, that he is running alternate scenarios in his mind as to why the wife who used to love him hates him so much now. The fourth sestets has the last rhyme, â€Å"clock† and â€Å"flock†. This symbolizes hat the time he has left with his children is limited as his death is nearing. The rest of the poem is rhyming going parallel to the pores fiction as explanations are revealed in the story, the confusion and rhyming stops.The poem commences with the omnipresent narrator giving a visual imagery of the meeting between two contradicting birds. The â€Å"song bird† represents something happy, passive and peaceful, while â€Å"bird of prey† represents something sly, dominating and warlike. The story continues with oxymoron inverted syntaxes of line two, that helps to emphasize that the creatures have contradicting personae and that their union could ever last as it was based on confusion. Just as in the prose fiction, Sills thought she could turn Tighten into someone he wasn't, and failed.The diction used in the first stanza such as; â€Å"vices†, â€Å"Jay† and â€Å"Night†, aid in displaying the theme of conflict in relationships. ‘Vic's' is the Latin word for change, in reference to the context it highlights Sill's need to change her husband's persona and fight to create a life for them that he never wanted. The capitalization dif words such as Jay and Night, personify these nonhuman objects, in the case of the Jay it helps to emphasize th is Ewing a character trait of Tighten, while the Night highlights Sill's character as bright cold and heartless, but at that time seeming beautiful and peaceful.Lines three and four of the first stanza also help to concretion the theme of contradictory persons in relationships, displayed in the first stanza. Stanza two is a rhetorical question sestets, it constantly asks questions the Jay' is obviously unable to answer, and these are symbolic of the time where the relationship between Sills and Tighten was confusing. He didn't know where she stood, whether still in love with IM or hating h for the injustice she believes he did to their son, the first line emphasizes this.It follows with a reference to the brownstone house Sills spent a majority of the text fighting to obtain. The use of diction such as â€Å"prison†, â€Å"brown†, and â€Å"stones† was a slight pun as a Jay would find a house made of stones a prison, and Juxtaposed with the text, it can be said that Tighten saw the house his wife fought so much for was like a prison to him, and a symbol of his failures in his relationships and providing for his family. Line two is the first and only mention of their children in the poem.This is symbolic as it shows that not only did Tighten not spend enough time with them and focused more on himself, but he also failed as a father in that he couldn't protect them from the â€Å"snow† which is a personified symbolism of his wife. The personification of the ‘light', at the end of the stanza references all the happiness and innocence still in the family. When the persona asks about the moaning light that ‘she' has trapped it means that he was unable to prevent the happiness and life from leaving their family, this aids in uncovering the themes of failing one's family and loosing things that are important.The third stanza has the most textual allusions, the stanza opens with a pun, â€Å"window sills†. As a bird a sil l is somewhere you can rest, be at peace like a home, in this means Tighten no longer feels at home in the browns stones. Sills is also the name of his wife so it can mean that he is also no longer feeling happy in his marriage, as shown in the text queen he began going you the house form his mistress in the nights. â€Å"They've clipped your wings† line two of the stanza refers to when he almost got his arm amputated due to his indolence.This is symbolic as it is a physical representative ND slight foreshadowing of how his time was ending. The next line refers to the song they sang to him at the wedding. The ‘f†, ‘s', ‘the' and ‘b' fricative and plosive so funds of the fourth line in the third stanza, emphasizes the running and the drama happening in that scene of the text. The ‘swim home' in the last line of that stanza references the Caribbean since Islands in the Caribbean are surrounded by water. The last sestets refers to the last act ions before Digestion's death.It starts with a pun, on Digestion's childhood, as he dived for the coins white men through at him, and also an allusion to him diving to his death. The ‘new light' is symbolic for Digestion's religious period, where the movement of the new light helped him to finally discover himself, though completely swiping his personality. Winter's clock' is symbolic for Digestion's attempts at going back in time to rectify the problems mainly caused by his relationship with his wife.The couplet, single line and septet, is after his death. People have pained cries due to morning Digestion's death. The mansion of Prayers refer to his newfound beliefs and Eulogy is the speech given at a funeral. The final stanza is technically the omnipresence's eulogy for Tighten, though it shows that he s not someone people will remember with respect. It speaks of how he could have had a life if he'd made different choices. It gives an image of his death at sea, and its conne ction to his past in the Caribbean.It then shows the general sadness surrounding his death, and accentuates the theme of death in the text. The poem changes from a tone of observation, to unease, to sadness. Hopefully bringing out an overall sympathy for the persona. Though it is not a total rhyming poem, it still has a flowing rhythms that showcases the life cycle of Tighten, as shown in the text. Conclusion The text Brown girl, brownstones, is an excellent depiction of women and men in immigrant communities.Most persons generally sympathize with the women of these communities, however this poem has hopefully garnered a positive response to men in these communities, and those shown in the text. This may help persons to recognize that women were not the only ones with problems in the text. The blame for these conflicts also, should not be solely the fault of males like Tighten, in the prose, but equally shared between each individual, and characters in the prose fiction.

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Ebony and Amelia FTT essays

Ebony and Amelia FTT essays Several elements in the history present as possible causes of Ebonys failure to thrive (FTT). In a multivariate analysis, FTT between birth to 8 weeks of age is associated with maternal prenatal factors (such as a lack of transportation, socioeconomic class) and infant postnatal factors (weak sucking). While Ebony has had no significant physical symptoms, the birth weight of 4.9 kg equals macrosomia which can sometime be associated with weak sucking and slow feeding, which in turn can result in smaller quantities being expressed per feeding session and an increase in maternal fatigue. It would be difficult to continue to breast feed exclusively while working full time, without personal transportation and with another child to care for, and Tina should be congratulated for her tenacity in attempting to continue to breastfeed. While working full time, Tina has still had difficulty affording food at times, and it may be that her caloric intake is not enough to sustain adequate brea stfeeding for Ebony. Additionally, at six months it would be ideal to offer small solid feedings at six months, and it does not appear from the history that Tina has been able to start this yet. Several medical conditions could be contributing to Ebonys poor weight gain. The mere fact that there is not enough money could mean that Tina has continued to rely solely on breastfeeding at a time when Ebony needs to progress to more varied foods. Additionally, Ebony must be evaluated for any mechanical feeding difficulty, such as reflux, oromotor dysfunction, or central nervous system abnormality. Conditions which may contribute to Ebonys FTT which are not readily evident on physical examination include celiac disease, hyperthyroidism, chronic infection such as HIV, or metabolic disorders such as amino acid storage disorders. It would be helpful to obtain information on Ebonys eating and stooling patterns, whether or not she has ...

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Funding Your First Novel Using Kickstarter

Funding Your First Novel Using Kickstarter In November 2011, I participated in NaNoWriMo (National Novel WritingMonth) for the first time. Ten months later, Couple Friends was published thanks to my successful Kickstarter campaign in May 2012. I was able to raise $4,000 because 71 wonderful people believed in me and my book enough to want this dream to come true. What a great feeling. I was shocked Those dollars enabled me to hire a professional editor, book cover designer, and use a consultant to help me properly convert and upload my Word document so it could become a real, live book available for purchase. Without Kickstarter, I wouldn’t have a book published yet. However, the love and support of my backers meant more to me than the dollar amounts they gave. Whenever I doubted myself or became really frustrated doing what I thought was the last edit before the absolute final edit, I knew that I had 71 people in my corner. They took time out of their busy lives and reached into their hearts and wallets to help me achieve my goals. If that doesn’t put faith in you about humanity, I don’t know what will. And they were counting on me; I couldn’t just stop when things got hard. I was able to push through some tough times because I knew my backers believed in me. Another wonderful part of using Kickstarter to fund my novel was that when it was finished and available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords, I had 71 people that were eager to read it. I had a built-in audience that was willing to help me Using a site like Kickstarter forces you to start marketing yourself and your book before the book is published, which is what we should all do anyway. You have to put yourself out there in the form of emails, social media updates, creating a Facebook event, and posting updates about your project directly through Kickstarter, which blasts out to your backers and can be made public on the Kickstarter website. I know that there is even more I could have done, but thankfully, I was fully funded in my final hour due to several generous souls. I will always be glad that I took my publishing dreams into my own hands and utilized Kickstarter to make my first novel a reality. And although I will not use Kickstarter to publish my second novel- Keepsakes,currently in the editing stage- because I feel like it’s up to me from here on out, I feel truly blessed that these crowdfunding platforms are available to authors that don’t want to wait for agents to offer representation or traditional publishing houses to say yes. Here’s a list of ten crowdfunding options to get you started, and please contact me if you have any questions. Good luck!  Ã‚      (   

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Developing a Strategy for Sustainable Relationship Case Study

Developing a Strategy for Sustainable Relationship - Case Study Example Because it enjoyed a wide client profile, Merryweather had no problem filling its accommodations to capacity, especially since summer is a naturally busy time for vacation sites. With more income-generating opportunities available, the company tended to maintain a relatively large staff base, assigning each guest relations officer a maximum of eight clients at a time. As a result, visitors were provided high-quality, personalized service. The firm promoted a culture of innovation among employees to reinforce its "customer is king" orientation. As such, its marketing-led business style and acute sense of customer service were, perhaps, Merryweather's most important contribution to the merger. Tennyson Ski maintained a diverse mix of properties - from chalets and apartments to hotels - to serve the winter vacation industry. Because this is a mass market, it might have entailed high operating costs. Furthermore, the facilities were not full-staffed; one representative attended to as many as 30 guests. Therefore, clients did not experience the level of indulgence that they might expect from luxury accommodations. According to Pate and Platt (2002), "a merger can only benefit a weak business if operating efficiencies, product synergies, or other marketing, financial, or managerial advantages are achieved". While not necessarily a "weak" company, Tennyson Ski certainly had more to gain from the merger. Meanwhile, Merryweather Sailing "should move cautiouslyconduct thorough due diligence investigations, and formulate realistic business plans for the combined organization" (Pate & Platt, 2002). Tennyson Ltd. thought it best to move forward by (1) developing a new strategy (2) discarding products and services that no longer fit the new business. This was no mean task; the two companies had been targeting two completely different segments, albeit in the same general category. Tennyson Ltd. started by adopting Merryweather Sailing's mission: "To be the best tour operator to go on holiday with and invest in." There were other critical issues. The new conglomerate needed to set a direction for growth and identify the different lines of business that would best match the strategy. Also, Merryweather catered to a specialist market, while Tennyson used a shotgun approach in its marketing. Post-merger, the company had to settle on a viable segmentation strategy, which would then guide the company in resource allocation decisions. With the merger, who then would be the customer of Tennyson Ltd. This was not a simple either-or decision between the two market segments; it required careful consideration. Need for Rationalization To be able to move forward with a new strategy - and emerge with a

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Mathematics and Technology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Mathematics and Technology - Essay Example Following adoption of technology in the classrooms, the curriculum has changed learning experiences, rigor with suitable emphasis on process. Similarly, technology has played a key role in enhancing the delivery of learning activities and improved the understanding capabilities of the students. In the unforgiving competition within the global economy, the need to develop new strategies to keep up with the market is certain. Such strategies include the understanding and application of new technologies in most fields with the nation’s economy. This is more so in the education sector to aid in improvement of skills with regard to mathematics and science. Incorporation of technology within educational institutions has seen a dramatic change of perception and increased level of innovation to the benefit of the students (Nguyen, Hsieh and Donald 2006, p.252). In this regard, technology has found a home in classrooms where active educators use it as a means of improving their present ation of concepts. The use of modern flash animations and videos as learning tools to illustrate concepts in various subjects, which is facilitated by use of unique software and projectors. Computers in education engage students making the learning more powerful and relatively easy to follow through simulated computations of scientific and mathematical problems. Laptops among students assist in delivery of assignments and reading materials. The application of technology in teaching mathematics demands new interpretations of the instructional process, with those who embrace it undergoing vigorous evaluation in a bid to keep up its evolution. A key feature of mathematics is in its use of physical and intellectual tools. The use of technology during the learning process has its application limited by the user’s imagination. Its generic nature leaves room for improvement in its application especially in mathematics. Mathematical activities that involve the application of computer technology include communication, mathematical modeling, manipulation of numbers, symbols and shapes, and investigation of patterns and problems. Calculators and Mathematics A learning environment enriched by technology should be characterized by collaborative and investigative approaches to learning, which increases content integration across the curriculum. In this regard, subjects being taught in a classroom are applied before the end of the day. This plays a critical role in the development of the learning basic concepts, which in turn facilitate understanding. The use of technology such as computers and calculators during mathematics lessons has seen an increase in efficiency especially in the delivery of content by teachers. The use of calculators in Australian schools received wide endorsements from the education system as it was seen as a new way of enhancing learning. Its endorsement has seen the development of significant technologies complement the use of calculators. On e of the key benefits for the use of calculators in mathematics classes is the improvement of conceptual understanding and visualization of mathematical concepts. A mathematics class incorporating calculators in their coursework tend to have an improved sense of grasping concepts as there are taught to them. Moreover, efficiency is enhanced as students move along the coursework with much easy. The use of calculators and other technologies within a mathematics course improve the procedural skills and knowledge in a student. This is as evidenced in studies conducted to examine the benefits of technology in classrooms. Therefore, in order to achieve successful application in the classroom, technology is based on a